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Defining Palliative, Hospice Needs in Huntington's

Research has shown significant gaps in knowledge on palliative services among neurology residents, resulting in low referral rates.

Expert Insight: MS-Related Urinary Retention

John Stoffel, MD, Professor of Urology, Service Chief, and Associate Chair for Ambulatory Urology in the University of Michigan Department of Urology discusses the management of urinary retention in patients with MS.

Cognitive Decline and Anesthesia: Missing Link

Findings from animal studies indicate that anesthetics may be neurotoxic and could result in long-term central nervous system alterations and cognitive dysfunction.

Coverage Gaps Leave Cluster Headache Undertreated

Despite a recent study concluding that oxygen therapy for cluster headache is not cost-prohibitive, many private payers and Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the effective therapy. Matthew Robbins, MD, Stewart Tepper, MD, and others weigh in on the controversial decision.

Managing Dystonia With Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

There is speculation that dystonia is the result of dysfunction occurring in either the cerebellum or basal ganglia or as a result of an abnormal interaction between the two.

Reducing Stroke Impact With Ischemic Preconditioning

Brief periods of oxygen deprivation to the brain have been shown to provide neuroprotective effects that reduce stroke infarct size and improve recovery times.

Gut-Brain Connection: What We Know

While several theories have evolved over the years, none have unequivocally provided robust evidence to fully explain the clinical spectrum of migraine.

Advanced MRI in Parkinson's: What’s Next?

MRI may be used to identify Parkinson disease biomarkers that can inform diagnosis, track disease progression, and elucidate the neurobiological underpinnings of symptoms.


Sleep Disorders

Guidelines for Diagnosing and Treating Insomnia

Guidelines for Diagnosing and Treating Insomnia

There are guidelines that should be followed when treating patients with insomnia.

Evaluating Accountable Care Organization Cost Savings: Is It Worth It?

Evaluating Accountable Care Organization Cost Savings: Is It Worth It?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are increasingly taking responsibility for health care management, record-keeping, and payment.

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Latest in Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Role of Gender in Familial Autism Recurrence

Although the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder is known to be more common among males than among females in the general population, information on sex-specific recurrence patterns is lacking.

Lower Autism Risk With Maternal Multivitamin Use

Lower odds of ASD with intellectual disability were seen in the maternal multivitamin use group with or without additional iron or folic acid.

Insomnia in Autism Treated With Melatonin

The treatment was effective in patients with autism with or without comorbid ADHD or neurogenetic disorders.

Latest in Neuromuscular Disorders

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Progression Associated With Changes in Immune Status

The findings suggest that changes in immune status may be a consequence of ALS.

ALS Risk Reduced With Exposure to Exogenous Hormones

Results suggest that sex hormones may play a role in the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Rituximab Improves Outcomes in Patients With Anti-MuSK Myasthenia Gravis

Patients with anti-muscle-specific kinase myasthenia gravis typically have a more severe disease presentation, with early bulbar, neck, and respiratory muscle weakness.

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