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Young boy in ICU hospital bed

Sleep-Wake Disturbances Impact Approximately Half of Children With Acquired Brain Injury

Sleep-wake disturbances affect approximately 50% of children with acquired brain injury, and many children with preadmission chronic conditions have an increased risk for sleep-wake disturbances, a study in Pediatric Neurology suggests. A total of 78 children (median age, 9.9 years) with acquired brain injury who had been released from critical care hospitalization within 3 months…

Vestibular migraine

Vestibular Migraine Differs From Standard Migraine in Terms of Roll Tilt Perceptual Thresholds

Vestibular migraine (VM) differs from migraine without vestibular symptoms in regard to mild and low frequency roll tilt (of the head) perceptual thresholds, a study in Science Reports suggests. The study enrolled patients with VM, measuring the frequency-dependence of self-motion perceptual thresholds during movements. These movements were designed to activate the canals and otolith organs…

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