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Condyloma acuminatum (Genital warts)

Are you confident of the diagnosis? Characteristic findings on physical examination Condyloma acuminatum, commonly called anogenital warts, are typically diagnosed clinically, using visual examination, sometimes aided by a magnifying glass. Patients or clinicians may notice lesions, which may be on anogenital skin or mucous membranes. Lesions typically are papules, 2 to 5 mm in diameter,…


Also known as: Hydrocarbon Toxicity 1. Description of the problem What every clinician needs to know Acute toxicity of inhaled or ingested hydrocarbon consists primarily of CNS depression, intoxication and/or respiratory embarrassment. Chronic toxicity, observed in individuals who are chronically exposed to n-hexane or MnBK (metabolized to 2, 5-hexanedione, which is the “true” toxin in…

Management of the toxic overdose patient

General management of poisoned patients 1. Description of the problem Toxicologic emergencies are relatively common reasons for patients to present to healthcare facilities. History, physical examination and directed laboratory/imaging analysis are paramount in the evaluation of poisoned patients. GI decontamination is rarely indicated in management of toxic ingestions. Aggressive supportive care is the mainstay of…

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