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SAN FRANCISCO — Results from the ACHIEVE II study presented at the American Headache Society’s 60th Annual Scientific Meeting, held June 28–July 1, 2018, in San Francisco, California, confirm previous results supporting the efficacy, tolerability, and safety of ubrogepant for the acute treatment of migraine. This double-blind, placebo controlled, Phase 3 study analyzed 2 different doses of ubrogepant against a placebo during a single migraine attack.

Patients (N=1686) were randomly assigned to receive ubrogepant 25 mg, ubrogepant 50 mg, or placebo. Participants had up to 60 days from randomization to treat a single headache attack of moderate to severe intensity with the study drug.

Patients in the ubrogepant arms were more likely to be pain free 2 hours after treatment than those in the placebo arm (25 mg: 20.7%; 50 mg: 21.8%; placebo: 14.3%). Patients in the 50 mg group also saw significant improvement of photophobia, phonophobia, and nausea 2 hours after treatment, though these effects were not as evident in the 25 mg group. Patients in the 50 mg group also showed sustained pain relief for 24 hours after treatment. The most common adverse events were nausea and dizziness, but each had only a ≤2.5% incident rate.

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Overall, the researchers concluded that ubrogepant, dosed at 50vmg, showed “clinical meaningful effects on migraine headache pain,” and “was well-tolerated with no identified safety concerns.”

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