Multiple sclerosis:

Indications for AVONEX:

Treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis to slow the accumulation of physical disability and decrease the frequency of clinical exacerbations in patients with first clinical episode and MRI consistent with MS.


Pre-medicate with analgesics and/or antipyretics on treatment days to ameliorate flu-like symptoms. Rotate inj sites. ≥18yrs: 30mcg IM once weekly. May titrate dose to reduce severity of flu-like symptoms; dosed once weekly, IM: Week 1: 7.5mcg. Week 2: 15mcg. Week 3: 22.5mcg. Week 4: 30mcg.


<18yrs: not established.


Monitor for signs/symptoms of hepatic injury. Depression. Suicidal ideation. Seizure disorders. Pre-existing CHF: monitor for worsening cardiac function at initiation and during treatment. Risk of thrombotic microangiopathy; discontinue if occurs. Myelosuppression. Monitor CBCs, differential, platelets, blood chemistries, liver and thyroid function. Consider discontinuing if new autoimmune disorder develops. Pregnancy (Cat.C; may be abortifacient). Nursing mothers.

Pharmacologic Class:



Risk of hepatic injury with concomitant hepatotoxic drugs or alcohol.

Adverse Reactions:

Flu-like symptoms, asthenia, headache, myalgia, fever, chills, GI upset, depression, blood dyscrasias, seizures; rare: hepatic injury, anaphylaxis (discontinue if occurs).


Register pregnant patients exposed to Avonex by calling (800) 456-2255.

How Supplied:

Single-use prefilled syringes (0.5mL) dose pack—1 (4 syringes, supplies); Single-use vial dose pack—1 (4 vials, diluent, supplies); Single-use prefilled autoinjector (0.5mL) dose pack—1 (4 autoinjectors, supplies)

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