Indications for VANCOCIN:

Clostridioides difficile-associated diarrhea. Enterocolitis due to Staphylococcus aureus.

Adult Dosage:

C. difficile-associated diarrhea: 125mg 4 times a day for 10 days. Enterocolitis: 500mg–2g per day in 3–4 divided doses for 7–10 days.

Children Dosage:

Both: usually 40mg/kg per day in 3–4 divided doses for 7–10 days; max 2g/day.

VANCOCIN Warnings/Precautions:

Renal insufficiency and/or colitis. Inflammatory bowel disorders. Underlying hearing loss. Monitor hearing, blood, renal function. Consider monitoring vancomycin serum concentrations. Elderly. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

VANCOCIN Classification:


VANCOCIN Interactions:

Monitor with aminoglycosides, other neurotoxic, nephrotoxic, or ototoxic drugs.

Adverse Reactions:

Nausea, abdominal pain, hypokalemia, drug fever, urticaria, rash (may be serious, eg, Stevens-Johnson syndrome), ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, eosinophilia, anaphylaxis, blood dyscrasias; rare: interstitial nephritis, vertigo.

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