Viral infections:

Indications for: VOCABRIA

In combination with Edurant (rilpivirine) for short-term treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults who are virologically suppressed (HIV-1 RNA <50 copies/mL) on a stable antiretroviral regimen with no history of treatment failure and with no known or suspected resistance to either cabotegravir or rilpivirine, for use as: oral lead-in to assess the tolerability of cabotegravir prior to administration of Cabenuva (cabotegravir; rilpivirine) extended-release injectable suspensions; or oral therapy for patients who will miss planned injection dosing with Cabenuva.

Adult Dosage:

Prior to initiation, consult additional full labelings (Edurant and Cabenuva) to ensure appropriate therapy. Take with a meal at the same time each day. 30mg once daily in combination with Edurant (25mg/day) for approx. 1 month (≥28 days). As oral lead-in: the last oral dose should be taken on the same day Cabenuva inj is started. As oral replacement (if planned to miss a scheduled Cabenuva inj by >7days): can replace up to 2 consecutive monthly inj visits. The first oral dose should be taken approx. 1 month after the last Cabenuva inj and continue until the day inj dosing is restarted.

Children Dosage:

Not established.

VOCABRIA Contraindications:

Concomitant carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin, rifampin, rifapentine. In combination with rilpivirine, see Edurant full labeling for additional contraindications. Also: use of Cabenuva with rifabutin is contraindicated; see Cabenuva full labeling.

VOCABRIA Warnings/Precautions:

Prior to initiating Vocabria, review Edurant full labeling for risks associated with rilpivirine treatment. Discontinue immediately if hypersensitivity reactions develop. Underlying liver disease or marked elevation in transaminases. Monitor liver function; discontinue if hepatotoxicity is suspected. Promptly evaluate if depressive symptoms occur. Severe hepatic impairment. ESRD (CrCl <15mL/min). Elderly. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers: not recommended.

VOCABRIA Classification:

HIV-1 integrase strand transfer inhibitor (INSTI).

VOCABRIA Interactions:

See Contraindications. Concomitant other antiretrovirals: not recommended. Antagonized by polyvalent cation-containing products (eg, aluminum or magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate); separate dosing by at least 2hrs before or 4hrs after cabotegravir.

Adverse Reactions:

Headache, nausea, abnormal dreams, anxiety, insomnia; hepatotoxicity, depressive disorders.

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