To improve stroke outcomes, a few hospitals in Germany and the United States are now using mobile stroke treatment units. Each unit, housed in an ambulance-type vehicle, has an onboard paramedic, critical care nurse, EMT, and CT technologist. A portable CT scanner takes brain images in 2 minutes, which are then sent via wireless link to hospital neurologists and neuroradiologists for diagnosis. Doctors then prescribe and direct treatment via a video connection.Mobile stroke treatment units can treat strokes in as little as 11 minutes after arrival. Because the timing of stroke treatment is so crucial, these new units are giving patients the chance for a full recovery that they may not have had with traditional emergency care.

Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2014

The Cleveland Clinic has selected the top 10 medical innovations introduced in 2014 that they predict will have the biggest impact on improving patient care in 2015. The list includes more effective medications, new vaccines, and novel devices that improve upon existing treatment options. View the slideshow to learn more about each of the 10…

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