The Handoff: Your Week in Neurology News – 11/10/16

The Handoff is a weekly roundup of neurology news covering various developments in subspecialties, the pharmaceutical industry, and the overall state of health care as it affects neurologists. Keep your finger on the pulse of neurology with The Handoff.

— With flu season upon us, the CDC is stressing the importance of vaccination, especially for people with neurological disorders like MS, epilepsy, and ALS. 

— Duke University has a great profile on a patient with trigeminal neuralgia who’s behind the wheel of a new push for funding for research and treatment development. 

— Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess have identified connections in the brain linked to consciousness. 

— New research out of MIT argues that while amyloid may initiate Alzheimer’s disease, a complex series of molecular, cellular, circuit and network-level changes are responsible for its progression. 

US News & World Report has an article worth sharing with your patients’ caregivers and loved ones on how to avoid caregiver burnout and decrease stress. 

— Janet Reno, the nation’s first female attorney general, died earlier this week after a battle with Parkinson’s. Read the NY Times profile on her quiet efforts to help others overcome the disease. 

— Adapt Pharma is reporting a shortage of its non-FDA approved nasal naloxone kits after a recall of Teleflex’s intranasal device. FDA-approved Narcan® is not affected. 

— Researchers at Brown are developing an app that makes personalized recommendations for improved sleep based on sleep habits and scientific literature.  

— A Democratic win for President was considered “worse case scenario” for pharmaceutical companies, but will President-Elect Trump be a friend?

— Maria Shriver is calling out Corporate America on their failure to support Alzheimer’s research and care like they have with other diseases, namely breast cancer. Watch the video below to see how Shriver and other leaders are trying to update the message on health. 

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