No Significant Brain Abnormalities Found in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Girl laying next to her sibling brother
Yale Study Shows Siblings of Children with Autism Can Show Signs at 18 Months
The differences in brain anatomy between typically developed people and those with autism spectrum disorders were insignificant.
This study aimed to identify anatomical abnormalities in people with autism spectrum disorders.

Substantial controversy exists regarding the presence and significance of anatomical abnormalities in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The release of the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (∼1000 participants, age 6-65 years) offers an unprecedented opportunity to conduct large-scale comparisons of anatomical MRI scans across groups and to resolve many of the outstanding questions.

Ilan Dinstein, MD, of Ben-Gurian University of the Negev in Israel, and colleagues used comprehensive univariate analyses using volumetric, thickness, and surface area measures of over 180 anatomically defined brain areas.

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