Trends in Glioma Treatment Show Increased Survival Rates

brain mri
brain mri
Researchers found a decrease in use of radiation treatment after 2005.

The survival trends and the patterns of clinical practice pertaining to radiation therapy and surgical resection for WHO grade I, II, and III astrocytoma patients remain poorly characterized.

Using the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) database, we identified 2497 grade I, 4113 grade II, and 2755 grade III astrocytomas during the period of 1999–2010. Time-trend analyses were performed for overall survival, radiation treatment (RT), and the extent of surgical resection (EOR).

While overall survival of grade I astrocytoma patients remained unchanged during the study period, we observed improved overall survival for grade II and III astrocytoma patients (Tarone-Ware P < .05).

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