Evaluating Marijuana’s Legality, Efficacy in Pediatric Epilepsy

medical marijuana
medical marijuana
A session at the CNS 2014 Annual Meeting explored the legality and efficacy of medical marijuana as a treatment for pediatric seizures.

Pediatric neurologists are being bombarded with questions from patients and families about medical marijuana, but they’re not convinced of the scientific evidence supporting its use in conditions such as intractable epilepsy. Even if they were, they’re somewhat confused about where they stand legally.

But many think that the landscape is about to change.

Delegates attending a jam-packed session at the Child Neurology Society (CNS) 2014 Annual Meeting here learned more about laws pertaining to cannabis use across the United States, the chemicals these products contain, how these substances might work to treat neurologic illnesses, and what evidence exists in terms of efficacy.

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