Partial-Onset Seizure Treatment Discontinued

pharmacist filling prescription
pharmacist filling prescription
Potiga tablets have been discontinued due to the limited use of the medicine.

GlaxoSmithKline has posted a discontinuation notice for Potiga (ezogabine) tablets due to the limited use of the medicine. The company stated that the drug withdrawal is not due to safety or efficacy reasons. 

Potiga 50mg, 200mg, 300mg, and 400mg strength tablets will be pulled from wholesalers and pharmacies. Pharmacies and wholesalers should stop distribution and immediately quarantine any of the affected products. The specific Lot # and expiration dates are listed below:

Potiga, a potassium channel opener, was approved in 2011 as an adjunctive treatment for partial-onset seizures in patients with inadequate response to alternative treatments and for whom the benefits outweigh the risk of retinal abnormalities and potential decline in visual acuity. In 2013, the labeling for Potiga was updated to include a boxed warning regarding the risk of permanent retinal abnormalities, potential vision loss, and skin discoloration.

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