Lifestyle Changes Could Slow Free Radical Injury in Brain

Topological Efficiency Decreases in Parkinson's Disease
Topological Efficiency Decreases in Parkinson’s Disease
Smoking and having a high body mass index can increase free radical injury to the brain.

This study, as part of The Healthy Brain Initiative 2013-2018, explores free radical damage to the brain and identifies lifestyle risk factors that could increase brain injury over time. 

Elaine R. Peskind, MD, of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and colleagues sought to identify potentially modifiable risk factors associated with increased markers of brain oxidative stress.

The cross-sectional, academic multicenter study consisted of 320 research volunteers (172 women) aged 21 to 100 years who were medically healthy and cognitively normal.

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