Vagus Nerve Stimulation Helps Treat, Prevent Cluster Headache

Advances in migraine headache treatment
Advances in migraine headache treatment
The noninvasive device not only stopped acute attacks, but reduced overall headache frequency.

This study aimed to evaluate the initial experience with a novel device, designed to provide portable, noninvasive, transcutaneous stimulation of the vagus nerve, both acutely and preventively, as a treatment for cluster headache.

Patients with cluster headache (11 chronic, 8 episodic), from 2 centers, including 7 who were refractory to drug treatment, had sufficient data available for analysis in this open-label observational cohort study. The device, known as the gammaCore, was used acutely to treat individual attacks as well as to provide prevention. Patient-estimated efficacy data were collected by systematic inquiry during follow-up appointments up to a period of 52 weeks of continuous use.

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