Association Between Cholesterol, Statins and Parkinson’s Tested

The latest study debunked a previous claim that statins may be neuroprotective against Parkinson's.

Previously, some studies have found that the cholesterol-lowering medications statins may offer protective benefits against Parkinson’s disease. However, a new study led by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences was unable to reproduce this association.

About 1 million people in the US are currently affected by Parkinson’s disease. The causes of Parkinson’s are unknown, but scientists know that damage to neurons that produce dopamine eventually results in the movement disorders characteristic of this neurodegenerative brain disease.

Xuemei Huang, professor of neurology and vice chair for research at Penn State College of Medicine, had found in previous research an association between high blood cholesterol levels and lower incidence of Parkinson’s.

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