Combination of Factors Can Lead to Short-Term Dementia in Elderly

Old woman
Old woman
A combination of several factors can lead to short-term dementia in healthy elderly people.

This study examined the association between beta-amyloid deposition and brain structural changes with short-term incidence dementia in elderly people. 

Oscar L. Lopez, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and colleagues evaluated subjects using structural MRI scan and a PET scan with 11C-labeled Pittsburgh compound B (PiB) in 2009, and reevaluated them clinically in 2011.

The prevalence of β-amyloid deposition, neurodegeneration (i.e., hippocampal atrophy), and small vessel disease (WMLs) is high in CN older individuals and in MCI. A combination of 2 or 3 of these factors is a powerful predictor of short-term incidence of dementia.

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