Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Severity Indicated by Plasma Neurofilament Concentration

tubes of blood with platelets
tubes of blood with platelets
The measurement may provide a dynamic measure of axonal damage in a disease in which neuropathy is the only neurologic manifestation.

Raised plasma neurofilament light chain (NfL) concentration has promise as a sensitive biomarker for disease activity in and for the detection of peripheral axonal damage in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), according to study findings published Neurology.

Over a 1-year period, investigators obtained blood samples from patients with CMT (n=75) and compared these samples with samples collected from 67 age-matched healthy controls. The Rasch modified CMT Examination and neuropathy scores were used to measure disease severity and a Simoa assay was used to quantify plasma Nfl concentration.

Patients with CMT had significantly higher plasma Nfl concentrations than healthy controls (median 26.0 pg/mL vs median 14.6 pg/mL, respectively; P <.0001). Higher plasma Nfl concentrations were associated with disease severity based on the Rasch modified CMT examination (r = 0.43, P <.0001) and neuropathy (r = 0.37, P =.044) scores. Investigators found that the differences in plasma Nfl concentrations were sustained based on genetic subtypes, with higher plasma Nfl concentrations being found in the CMT1A (P <.0001), SPTLC1 (P <.001), and GJB1 (P =.011) genes.

In addition, the investigators discovered that correlations between the plasma Nfl concentrations with age were more significant in the healthy controls (r = 0.70, P <.0001) than in patients with CMT (r = 0.28, P =.012). The investigators discovered no significant differences in plasma Nfl concentrations between patients with CMT (n=9, mean difference −1.07 pg/mL, 95% CI, −8.2-6.0 pg/mL; paired t test P =.74) or controls (n=13, mean difference +1.19 pg/mL, 95% CI, −0.45-2.8, P =.14) from baseline to 1 year.

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Although these findings do not demonstrate the diagnostic utility of plasma Nfl concentrations, levels of Nfl may “provide a dynamic measure of axonal damage and serve as a biomarker of disease activity…especially in the many conditions like CMT where neuropathy is the only neurologic manifestation with no CNS involvement…”


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