HealthDay News — An FDA advisory panel decided against a recommendation that the agency issue a strong warning against the use of steroid injections for neck and back pain, however there is still concern over transforaminal cervical injections with particulate steroids.

The injections are commonly used to treat neck and back pain, but they have never been approved for this use by the FDA, and whether their risks outweigh their benefits has long been a matter of debate.

Tuesday’s vote, from the FDA’s Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee, essentially leaves the continued use of steroid injections for back pain largely unchanged.

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As reported by The New York Times, the panel of experts said that only in one type of procedure —transforaminal cervical injections with particulate steroids — could the risks of the shots possibly outweigh a benefit. Those types of injections could raise the odds of arterial occlusion, and have already been abandoned by most doctors, the Times reported.

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