Women with Fibromyalgia Less Physically Active, More Sedentary

Alternative Therapies continued
Alternative Therapies continued
Notably, most healthy controls are also not meeting current recommendations for physical activity and steps.

In this study, researchers characterize the levels of objectively measured sedentary time and physical activity (PA) in women with fibromyalgia and compare them with age-matched healthy control women.

The study comprised 413 (aged 51.9±7.4 years) women with fibromyalgia and 188 (aged 50.9±7.5 years) controls. Sedentary time, PA and step count were measured by triaxial accelerometry. Time engaged in sedentary behaviors as well as in different PA intensities (light, moderate and moderate-vigorous [MVPA]) were calculated (min/day), as well as the number of steps/day.

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