Adolescent Risk-Taking: Salt and Ice Challenge

Adolescent Health Review,14 and the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care.15 Most of these tools address risk factors such as depression, suicide, sexual behavior, weapon use, and illicit alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

Adolescents may not view other risky behaviors, such as the salt and ice challenge, as harmful, and these behaviors are not specifically addressed within the screening tools. However, health-care providers should mention these challenges or any other causes for concern during the patient’s visit.

In the case of the salt and ice challenge, the accompanying injury should be evaluated and managed according to burn guidelines16 with consideration given to the location, size, depth, and degree of the burn. Referral to a counselor or psychiatrist should be considered if low self-esteem, depression, or risk for further injury is suspected.

This article originally appeared on Clinical Advisor