Memory Complaints in Highly-Educated Linked to Stroke

Stroke CT scan
Stroke CT scan
Researchers need to explore the link between stroke and memory complaints further.

Forgetting why you have gone into a room or misplacing your keys is frustrating, but new research suggests that these lapses in memory could signal more than just absent-mindedness. A new study has found that highly educated people with memory complaints could have an increased risk for stroke.

The study, published in Stroke, followed a cohort of participants who had completed questionnaires and undergone mental examination, looking for signs of incident stroke.

“Studies have shown how stroke causes memory complaints,” says co-author Dr. Arfan Ikram of Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. “Given the shared underlying vascular pathology, we posed the reverse question: ‘Do memory complaints indicate an increased risk of strokes?'” 

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