HealthDay News — Excess weight may put women at increased risk for ischemic stroke, but at lower risk for hemorrhagic stroke, according to research published in Neurology.

The study was led by Gillian Reeves, PhD, of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Her team tracked the 12-year health history of British women who averaged 57 years of age.

During that time, rates of ischemic stroke were 1.0% among obese women and 0.7% among women with a healthy weight. Rates of hemorrhagic stroke were 0.4% among obese women and 0.5% among women with a healthy weight.

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“In UK women, higher body mass index is associated with increased risk of ischemic stroke but decreased risk of hemorrhagic stroke,” the authors write. “The totality of the available published evidence suggests that body mass index-associated risks are greater for ischemic than for hemorrhagic stroke.”


Kroll ME, Green J, Beral V, et al. Adiposity and ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: Prospective study in women and meta-analysis. Neurology. 2016 Sept 7; doi:10.1212/WNL.0000000000003171.